Never Settle, Never Satisfied

As the title implies, I’m rarely ever content (with my website). I switched to this:


About halfway through 2015 and it was a novel looking idea but after seeing how difficult it is to navigate and get the attention of certain things within the site, I think it’s time to change to something less “novel” and more practical.

On January 1, 2016, I’m going to have a brand new look to the site up and running. I will need a little time to work on this wonderful new look, which also means that some of the functionality of this site is going to be “iffy” while I work on it. I won’t outright “break” anything (well, now that I say that I know I’ll be breaking a couple of the pages because they won’t work on the new site), but I will be rearranging things quite a bit.

I had recently got an update to this theme that would have allowed me to make a second row of “apps” for more pages but after doing some research and digging for more “icons,” I just don’t think the theme works for what I want to do anymore.

So, be warned… things will be changing… I can work on these things in the background, so hopefully I can just hit a magic button to switch over when the time is ready.


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