North Dakota Measure 1

An unfortunate thing for me, I live in North Dakota. Tomorrow, I will vote on several measures that will not affect me in the slightest, but I feel the need to break with tradition (on my sites) and comment on one thing in particular: North Dakota Measure 1.

For those who might not know what I’m talking about, Measure 1 is the “right to life” measure that would alter the state’s constitution to read “The inalienable right to life of every human being at any stage of development must be recognized and protected.” As you might guess, the political advertising here is unbearable and I want to weigh in with what I, someone who won’t be affected by this measure, thinks.

The part that most bothers me is the “recognized and protected” part. My father died last year and he had a living will, which means that my brother and I weren’t going to keep him artificially living because we didn’t want that and he didn’t want that. The wishes of the dying should be maintained and if the wording AS IS goes through, that can be denied. Why? Because that right to die is deniable because the “right to life” must be protected. Pro-lifers are claiming that this isn’t the case but if you read the measure the way I just did, we only need one disgruntled pair of siblings and the measure can be used to artificially extend the life of anyone against their will. My father would have been denied the right to die without artificially being kept alive. That isn’t right and that isn’t the government’s business. I will not stand for allowing something this vague to pass in case someone else has to be in the same position I was last year.

There are connotations that there will be denials of IVF, or in vitro fertilization. I don’t read that in the wording but since the pro-lifers are trying to deny everyone’s rights to govern their own bodies… let me stop there for a second and address that.

I have absolutely no business telling a woman what to do with their body. I don’t care of they are carrying a child, doing drugs while pregnant, getting an abortion, or anything else. Absolutely nothing. I also believe that no one else has any business talking about anyone else’s body or what they do with that body. If you think that the pregnant lady in the corner of the alley smoking meth is killing the unborn, that’s not your concern. Stop trying to govern what people do with their bodies. Period.

Pro-life advocates, must of whom I refer to as anti-choice advocates, seem to think that their religion gives them the right to dictate what other people do in their lives. This is not the case and if I ever have an anti-choice religious nut tell me what I’m doing is against their religion, then I’m probably going to slap the shit out of that person. If I want to walk up and down the street screaming profanities and cursing your sky wizard, I’ll do that all I want and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. We live in a country that not only has freedom OF religion but freedom FROM religion. It’s YOUR religion, not MINE. Keep it to yourself.

Since the anti-choice bunch want to govern what everyone does according to their religion, I can see them taking this measure further and further until there is absolutely no freedom to do anything even remotely sexual without forcing the creation of offspring in the process. As a friend of mine ranted on Facebook recently about, why not “state that life begins at ejaculation because your measure isn’t strongly worded enough. Why not say that anyone who masturbates is killing babies and lock them up?” The anti-choice groups want to use the slippery slope argument, why can’t I?

Something most good parents do is tell a child that wants something that if they really want that thing, maybe they should take care of the similar things they already have. Why protect the unborn so vehemently when there are literally billions of starving, dying, and homeless children all over the world that you aren’t helping? Praying isn’t helping, praying is what you call doing something without actually doing something. Pray in one hand and crap in the other and see which one fills up first.

In closing, if your motivations are truly altruistic: reword the measure. Make the measure wording VERY SPECIFIC. I’m voting no on Measure 1 because the wording is too vague. In fact, I’m voting against a lot of the measures because the wording is too vague and can open doors North Dakotans won’t really want opened. Think before you vote something in that will have those unintended side effects, like the one I listed above.

Like it or not, abortion in the USA is legal. This measure doesn’t make abortion illegal and the Supreme Court will strike it down if, sanity forbid, the thing passes. If you can explain things to me without using religion as the basis for the decision, then you shouldn’t be making laws to govern anyone else’s behavior.

Thus ends my political ramblings for as long as I can remain silent. This isn’t a political forum but I feel very, very strongly about this.

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