I’m going to spoil the review here and say: whoa, that was monkey fighting awesome. I don’t give two rips what Tom Cruise does in his free time.  I don’t care if he believes the Tooth Fairy is the savior of our species and being hooked up to a machineContinue Reading

That was 120 minutes of interesting game.  Well, at least until Belgium sealed the deal with that second goal in the first extra time period.  Yep, ending regulation 0-0 wasn’t all that terrible. What I witnessed today was the US national team make some sick mistakes.  Despite themselves, they managedContinue Reading

I’ve been rebuilding my website during this World Cup and I’ve thus been silent.  Now that I have things up and running, though, I’d like to toss some thoughts out about where we’re at so far. As I write this, some of the Round of 16 has been completed.  TheContinue Reading