Review of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes


I have been playing this game for some time now and I thought it was time to write a review… right at the cusp of something that just happened, which angers me immensely.

I am a free to play player. I do not purchase things that are… shall I say, micro purchases, so that means I don’t keep buying an item just because the game is funded primarily that way. You want to charge me for a game? Charge me for the game, but don’t nickel and dime me to death. Some people call that “freemium,” I call it “douchey.”

When I discovered this game, I was enticed by some gameplay video and thought I’d give it a shot. I like the way the game plays, I like the collectibility aspect to the game, and I wanted to play more. Since there were daily rewards for logging into the game DAILY, I logged into the game every day since getting it. I’ve been trucking along now for about 80 or so days straight now… probably more.

The core of the game is collecting characters from the Star Wars universe (including that segment of the saga that lots of people whine and cry about, yet is 100% canon: the prequels). You get these characters and you battle. Straight up, that’s it, you get into battles. There are battles that do gain you specific things, unlock certain things, provide endless rewards, but the basis is that you battle.

You can earn “crystals,” which are the game’s currency, that allow you to buy certain types of things. Add that to the “credits” you have to earn in order to buy other things, which you can buy with crystals. There are also “ally points,” “cantina tokens,” “arena cash,” and “galactic war bonds” to spend as well… as well as “shard credits” and I’m sure the 157 other types of ridiculous currencies they want to add to do a myriad of different things.

Keep in mind, I’m largely happy with this game. But, as you can guess, I have come to the part that has upset me… and just about 2 hours prior, in fact.

Since crystals are the primary means of currency in the game, there are often things you need to save up for in order to buy them (like data packs that unlock random stuff such as characters or gear) and even training droids, which is how to get your characters leveled up. For most of the last few weeks, there has been a specific sale of Tier 6 training droids going on (120 for 1800+ crystals) and I’ve been saving to buy this phenomenal deal (because 60 were a little over 1000 crystals). I was LITERALLY 50 crystals away when all of a sudden, poof, the tier 6 training droids are replaced with tier 4 (which I have but don’t provide the boost I need) and now I have crystals that aren’t really doing anything great for me except tempting me to spend them on refreshing things (which I have avoided to save them up).

One of the facets of the game are “challenges,” which if you are in the “droid” challenge you can win specific tiers of training droids. The level I normally fight at is level 5, which promises tier 5 and tier 6 training droids. Guess how many tier 6 training droids I’ve earned? Zero. I’ve never earned a single tier 6 training droid. This level, though, has given me HUNDREDS of tier 4, which aren’t supposed to be awarded at that level.

Overall, I have to give the game a positive rating. There are things that upset me, and upset me really big. Like how unbalanced certain characters are, or how paying hundreds of dollars allows you to advance to the umpteenth degree over anyone not spending entire paychecks to play the game. Other than that, though, I’ll give it a 4/5… because I enjoy the mechanics of the game, enough to where I want all games to be like it, but the drawbacks are just strong enough to keep this from reaching perfection.

Try it.

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