So, So Tired of Haters for the Sake of Hating

Listen up, tools: I’m tired of hating for the sake of hating.  If you do this, you’re a loser.  End of story.

Let’s look at the first thing I’m sick of hearing about being “terrible”: the Star Wars prequels.  You claim to be a big Star Wars fan but you hate half of the movies that came out?  Doesn’t sound like much of a fan to me.

prequelsSo the dialog is a little corny, stiff, or silly.  So some of the names of characters aren’t epic as “chewing tobacco” and “calamari.”  If you don’t love them, you don’t have to.  Just accept them because they are, whether or not you like them, canon.  They ARE part of Star Wars and they will ALWAYS BE part of Star Wars.  Stop whining, you sound like a four year old.

There’s something else to think about… there is an entire generation of kids that have grown up with the prequels as their movies, making the originals look dated and slow.  When you die off, no one will give a crap because you’re not famous or important.  Your opinion will die with you.  Just like their opinion will die with them because the Sequel Trilogy will represent another new generation.

Suck on that, haters.

How about the hate for Twilight?  If you hate Twilight so much, losers, why do you spend almost every waking moment ridiculing it?

KS_haters_gonna_hateThe “better love story than Twilight” is about to become passé.  By that I mean that the phrase is so overused by so many losers that it looses all meaning.  It’s the new “that’s what she said,” which was the replacement for “your mom.”  Yes, the lame “your mom” is exactly what “a better love story than Twilight” has become.  You’re lame.  Yes, you.

Stop hating.  If you really hate something, give it ZERO attention.  ZERO.  Z-E-R-O.  What gives things like this grounds to thrive?  ATTENTION.  Yes, you want to hate Twilight, do it silently.  You want to hate Hunger Games?  Do it silently.  You want to hate Stephen King or Anne Rice?  Do it silently.  The more publicity you give something the more traction that something gets the more popular that something gets and thus the more “in your face” that something gets.

See?  You’re too lame to even figure that out.

Think about it for just a second before opening your pie hole.

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