Sorry, 404: The Greatest Show Not Found


Sorry, folks. There have been some things that will prevent us from appearing tonight on the Greatest Show. Kevin seems to have been tamed by his horrible, horrible bosses into working during the time we record the show.

Stupid bosses.

Tricia has come down with something that has taken away that beautiful voice, and since she is zapped in energy by the same illness, there isn’t much in the way of excitement (or volume) in the only lady on the show.

Stupid illness.

Metal Jesus and DJ are in good health… but Metal Jesus would be up wicked late and DJ has been up since before the crack of dawn… thus, there isn’t enough energy to sustain the show this evening.

Stupid energy.

We will see what we can get going next week, maybe another round with Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes and maybe we’ll talk about the greatest Christmas movie ever made: Gremlins.

Sorry folks. See you soon.

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