Specter Fantasy Football 1

Welcome to the inaugural Specter Fantasy Football… on the eve of the NFL kickoff.

Football300I just had my fantasy draft as I write this, not JUST but close enough, and my roster looks like the following (in draft order): Calvin Johnson, Le’Veon Bell, Adrian Foster, Percy Harvin, Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, Torrey Smith, Steven Jackson, Charles Clay, Cincinnati DEF, Mason Crosby, Markus Wheaton, Eli Manning, Ladarius Green, and Matt Bryant.  I’m in a 12 team league and I drafted 5th (alternating 5 and 8 each round).  Overall, I think I had a pretty decent draft.

I took Calvin Johnson first because he was available and the three running backs I wanted to take in the first round were all snatched from me.  I was holding off on quarterbacks to see whether I could nab some other positions before feeling forced into taking my first one… but when I saw Brady available, I had to act.  The selection of Eli Manning was because I’d filled all my needs, most of my backups, and I just wanted to prevent someone from getting him… and now he’s on the trading block in the hopes someone wants him for something decent.  I was just playing around.  I’ll drop him if I need to.

My goal this year is just to win the season as much as possible.  That may sound like an obvious one but I’ve had several seasons now where I was not looking at the week I was in, I was paying attention to the next week… and I ended up losing more often than I wanted.  The league I’m in is in it’s 3rd year and I’m one of about 7 who have returned from the previous years.  The champion may have won more than one year and I just don’t remember but he sure talks like he does.

Last year, Yahoo gave me an A+ for my selection.  I finished with 5 wins.  Not good.  This year, I got a B and I’m hoping that turns out to be better than what my fortune was last year.  Hell, last year I was in last place for the first quarter of the season.  NOT good.

This year is all about winning one game at a time.  One.  Game.  At.  A.  Time.  I will maximize my playing options, I’ll be evaluating the opponents, I’ll be taking into account previous performances and I will be doing my best to be an actual GM playing fantasy football.  I haven’t approached this like that before and I think that it’s high time I put some effort into at least winning more games than i lose this year.

Playoffs?  Playoffs?  Playoffs?  Maybe I can think about that way down the line, but I’m not going to look at that right now.  I have a single game to win and I am going to do whatever it takes to win that game.  Is it against the defending champion?  No.  But I think I’ll prepare like it actually is.

Play the damn game already.

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