Specter Who – Deep Breath

Doctor Who has returned with Peter Capaldi as the Doctor in Deep Breath.

My first rule with Doctor Who is never to judge a new Doctor by their regeneration episode.  In fact, I can’t think of a new Doctor whose regeneration episode/story I’ve really liked.  The “kooky adjustment to the new body” episode is never really all that great, in my opinion.  Why do they keep doing that, then, right?  Anyway…

SpecterWho300All of the build up, all of the speculation, it finally culminates in the episode actually showing up.  I’d like to say that since this is a regeneration episode, my expectations were far lower than they would be for any other episode.  Overall, though, for a regeneration episode, I’d like to say this is one of the better ones.

The action was slower paced, there was more concentration on character development, and there was some connection to the previous incarnations than just the companion that was there FOR the regeneration.  The baddy in this one wasn’t so overwhelming as to need a deep explanation and was just difficult enough to deal with in order to give the audience a reason to be interested in the action.  I was a little confused by the end of the episode, the “promised land” segment, but I’ll find out later if that has anything to do with anything.

I give the episode a three out of five.

Now for some background.

There has been so much focus on why the Doctor looks like “someone from before.”  Why is there so much focus on that?  Why is this the first time we’ve been so worried about the Doctor looking like someone else the same actor has played in the past?  What am I talking about?

And you call yourself a Doctor Who fan.

Colin Baker played a character named Maxil in an episode of Doctor Who starring his predecessor, Peter Davison.  Several stories later the Doctor looks like him and we have no obsessing over why the Doctor looks like someone that appeared in a story before.  Yet, here we are, obsessing over why the Doctor looks like someone from several seasons before.


Modern fans obsess, I get that.  Why not obsess over things that matter, though?  There is so much more that can be worried about than why the Doctor’s face is the same as another character’s, why the TARDIS explosion wasn’t satisfactorily answered (in some eyes), or why other things happen.

Anyway, there’s the rating.  Three out of five.  I do like Capaldi better than Smith already, though.

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