I’m getting more and more out of my time, now… and since I always meet with my writing club on Mondays (at least where I currently live), I’ve decided to write myself a new little column that I’ll put out on Mondays.  Welcome to Storytelling Specter.

StorytellingSpecter300The first and most important thing for anyone who wants to write anything to do is the most simple thing you can do: actually write.  Don’t talk about writing, write.  Don’t just think about writing, write.  Don’t wonder what to write about, just write something.  Write.  Write.  Writed.

If you aren’t putting your fingers on your keyboard… if you aren’t putting a pencil to paper… if you aren’t thinking about what to write, then you aren’t actually doing anything.  Sure, you need to have a plan but it’s better to write something, anything, than to write absolutely nothing.

A piece of advice a new writer often hears is “write what you know.”  If you don’t know what else to write, sure, write what you know.  If you’re stumped or are having a bad day and you just can’t think of something to write about, look up and write what you see.  No, really, just write about the people in the room.  Write about what they are doing, write about what you think they might be thinking.  Invent a reason for them to be there and you have something to write about.  At least you’ll be writing.

Part of what I want to do on my website is write fiction.  Science fiction, literary fiction, serial fiction… all kinds of stuff.  I want to write and I want to put it out, I want to produce it, and I want to make my vision for entertainment something others can experience.  I’ll eventually want to sell my work, that will be an eventual future goal, but I will be honing my craft putting stuff out there for everyone to read.

I don’t just want you to read it, either… I want critiques.  Constructive criticism, praise, concerns, and whatever you want to give me but it has to help me improve.  “You suck” isn’t a critique, so keep the ideas moving forward.  I won’t engage anyone without having something interesting to say.

I’ll be including tips, prompts, and ideas for you to use that I know I never will… because I’d rather that someone else use an idea that I have to create something great than for me to be sitting on the idea and never see it bloom into anything worth anyone’s time.  I’ve always said that if I wanted something done the way I want it I need to do it myself.  Sometimes, I take prompts from other places.  That means that I’ll be helping others do what they want by providing a little nudge in the write direction.

Yes, pun, I know.

Sit down.  Write something.  You want to create a world.  What about that character dying to breathe?  Where do you want to go?

Write it.

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