Storytelling Specter 4 – “Pilot Season” Update

For anyone who isn’t up to speed, what I’m calling a “pilot season” is actually my short story writing all of a list of ideas into thirteen 3,000 word stories.  Now that you’re up to speed, let’s get an update out of the way with an idea about what I plan on doing from here.

StorytellingSpecter300The original idea of the pilot season was to write all my ideas, or at least a list of them, into shorter versions of what I envisioned them to be in the first place.  Well, I made a list of thirteen ideas that I really wanted to write and as I write this I have gotten about a third into the fifth story.  Being a third into the fifth story I am very excited to actually start expanding on the ones that I’ve already written.  Yeah, I’m ready to start outlining and plotting a “season” of one big story!

The idea behind jumping on the plotting of one of the bigger story expansions is that the story should then be ready to start distributing in chunks at the beginning of the year, unless I can get that done in a shorter order… but that isn’t a likely scenario.

I want to write.  I want to be a writer.  I actually want to be an AUTHOR, not just a writer.  If I can produce some novels, that would be great.  The whole point of this series is actually to make a novel, which will be distributed in smaller chunks, for a free preview style release.  Some of my ideas will even be produced into audiobooks, podiobooks, or whatever you’d like to call them.  Dramatized a bit, for sure.

There is so much of me that wants to tell you all about the wonderfulness that is what I’ve written so far… hell, the last 3,000 word story was flowing so well that I almost kept writing through the hard end.  The whole point is to tell the story from start to finish and I wanted to write more!  Yes, that means I’ve got myself going in the right direction.  Or is that the WRITE direction?

Sorry for the pun.  I like them.

My genre of choice is science fiction.  That’s the first genre I go to when I start thinking about what I’d like to write.  There are other attached genres that I delve into from time to time but science fiction is really where I concentrate most of my efforts because I like the genre.

What kind of science fiction?  Well, I like the space opera, some hard science fiction, some modern day “science fiction twist” type stuff, and more.  While I like my science fiction in a variety of ways, I am very particular with the science fiction that I read.  I do try to give a wide variety of stuff a shot but there is also my picky nature preventing me from just opening up.

Enough of that for now, it’s time to write more columns and fill out my content.

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