Wait, wait, wait… hold on! Whoa! What is this? An entire column dedicated to the BuJoRPG?¬†Well, yes and no. It’ll be bullet journal related, heavily centered on the goings on for the BuJoRPG, and I’ll keep on track. When I started bullet journaling, I was all over the place andContinue Reading

As you read these words, it is my birthday. I decided to take a look at what is supposed to happen with me, things, and all the other stuff in 2018. That was a terribly put together sentence. The Emerald Specter 2018 Winter Basho is fully underway and things areContinue Reading

Shut your mouth, it’s 2018! Yeah, yeah… I know, “hey DJ, you probably wrote this last year and we are only just seeing it now.” Well, that is true… but I’m a lot closer to the actual release date than previous articles have been over the course of December, soContinue Reading

What do you do when you haven’t done what you’d said you’d do? DJ talks about bullet journaling restart (3rd attempt), solo RPGs (because some research was done and there will be a great many things that can possibly get done), and making everything work in unison… technically, this isContinue Reading

Another podcast about bullet journaling, BuJoRPG development, and getting the life back in order… yes, another one, but with a bigger focus on what needs to happen for BuJoRPG development! Host: DJ Allen Intro Music: The Idea of You by Nine Inch Nails (from Not the Actual Events) Outtro Music:Continue Reading

I’m not entirely sure what kind of banners I should use for this particular article. This is going to be another attempt at a full length article here, but I’ll be touching on different types of content (podcasts, articles, YouTube, storytelling, etc)… so, why don’t I do what I thinkContinue Reading

A little bit of a lot of things as the Emerald Specter talks about chess, the PRO Chess League Podcast, comics, and a little bit about the Greatest Show. What about the “getting back to basics” with bullet journaling? Yeah, that too. Host: DJ Allen Intro Music: The Idea ofContinue Reading

A little late, explained within the podcast, DJ “The Emerald Specter” Allen talks about the ever impending release of the hard work on BuJoRPG 2 (version 0.2). The Greatest Show is mentioned, moving the dates of the Specter Show and the Journal of the Emerald Specter, finishing up with aContinue Reading

Welcome to the 2017/2018 Season of the Greatest Show! Return of the audio! Rose City Comic Con 2017 talk, including talk about Verdacomb (comic), celebrities, fun times, future guests, and much more! Join the talent of DJ, Tricia, and Metal Jesus Kevin Lama as they explore all of the aboveContinue Reading