If you haven’t been paying attention, Emerald Specter.com is quickly shifting to telling stories. Stories about all kinds of wonderful things, some in “real time,” and some pre-written. With this focus, this branding, I’ll be moving things in directions that I hadn’t necessarily intended when I started moving the siteContinue Reading

Just like the title says, you aren’t Marvel. You aren’t DC, either. Image doesn’t have a shared universe and the best analogy I have is you’re like Dark Horse… you have the basis of a shared universe, but you still don’t have a publisher. In the simplest terms, stop thinkingContinue Reading

Welcome back to the Storytelling Specter, which I was going to cut from the rotation of columns but have decided to include into a “random thought” appearance of the column like the Life Imitates Wrestling column that keeps hanging around. Let’s get this thing rolling, shall we? As the titleContinue Reading

Every story can be boiled down to a simplistic means.  Some claim that this is a really small amount of words.  Let’s discuss what I think in the Storytelling Specter. I’ve been told that a story is essentially “someone does a thing.”  I can agree with that.  The source ofContinue Reading

It was a dark and stormy night. Wow, that was not really exciting at all… and I used “it” when I could have used something else.  It’s the war against “it” in today’s Storytelling Specter! Write a paragraph without really thinking about what you’re writing and you’ll more than likelyContinue Reading

I’m getting more and more out of my time, now… and since I always meet with my writing club on Mondays (at least where I currently live), I’ve decided to write myself a new little column that I’ll put out on Mondays.  Welcome to Storytelling Specter. The first and mostContinue Reading