I embark on the 25th Emerald Specter column without a specific topic, but I’ll be doing a lot of writing… so strap yourself in, this ride is going to be all over the place. I’ve been giving a lot of thought, lately, to covering topics on a regular basis onContinue Reading

As stated last time, in an unprecedented move, we have the reveal of a founding club logo redesign, something that is sure to turn some heads. “The original logo suited a launch just fine,” said Zeke Pike, club manager on behalf of Wordsmiths ownership. “However, when ownership saw that merchandiseContinue Reading

The race came right down to the end, the fate of the league’s first season is capped off with one club being crowned the champions. Will the leaders coming into the week, Gothica, pull out their victory? Will their closest competitors, Shamrock Celtic, overcome the odds and win the championship?Continue Reading