The Emerald Specter 2: Nothing is Special

Leave it to America to claim to be the best at everything and then remove anything special about anything. Win a contest? Tough, everyone gets a ribbon. Finally graduate high school? Big deal, you get a graduation at every single grade these days. Nothing is special anymore, and this mentality is ruining the place for anyone to do any sort of actual accomplishment.

When I was younger, graduation happened twice: once from high school and once from college. Now, the college one only even happened at the four year or higher level, which means you really had to put in some time to get there. High school? You had to go through Kindergarten on up through 11th grade to even get to the point where you saw “the finish line.” You were in a race you couldn’t even fathom being at the end of UNTIL YOU WERE THERE. Kids today? Hey, you get a ceremony for accomplishing almost nothing… yeah, so you passed Kindergarten, you know how to color and say your alphabet. Big fucking whoop.

Muhammad Ali was once the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World… now? There are a number of organizations, all having their own champion, claiming each one is the “one true champion.” WBC, WBA, WBO, IBF, IBO, IBA, WBF, yada, yada, yada… that’s just what I rattled off from the top of my head. Not that boxing matters anymore, either, but at least there was some integrity to the sport.

Most of sports is like this these days. Kids get their participation ribbon and the winner of an event isn’t given the accolades they deserve because that would hurt feelings. Fuck feelings, I just won a motherfucking race and I expect some fucking accolades.

What’s the point of accomplishing anything anymore? Well, that’s not entirely true, the work force still rewards people for doing something great. Come up with a million dollar idea and you get promoted. Bill in accounting doesn’t also get promoted, his feelings have to be buried as he needs to understand that simply making 1+1 equal 2 will not get him a promotion.

What happened to being anything unique?

I should just stop right here, actually. This can all be boiled down to Tyler Durden: you are not a beautiful and unique snowflake. Kids are treated like every one of them is special. They aren’t. Most of them are average, run of the mill, and completely uninteresting in any fashion. When we treat them special, they don’t seek to become anything better.

Ah, see? You all thought this was a bash, bash, bash… it isn’t.

If little Johnny Average is treated like he’s special, he’ll get his 13 graduation ceremonies, given all his participatory ribbons, and get an average paying job while barely doing anything to further society along. If little Johnny Average is treated like this, nothing he does will become extraordinary because he’ll think he’s just fine like he is.

Little Johnny Average, treated like someone needs to be treated (not special, starts wondering how to get a graduation ceremony. The ONE ceremony. He graduates and starts figuring out how to compete in the world, where there are average jobs and then there are great jobs. Johnny Average figures out how to accomplish something and gets a great job, then discovers (through hard fucking work) that he’s got a sporting talent and competes at the highest level… he then becomes a champion.

What’s the difference? Little Johnny Average was coddled and pampered into believing he was special in the first example. In the second example, he wasn’t coddled or pampered and he came to realize he needed to actually DO something in order to be anything more than an average joe.

What would you like your kids to do? Be average assholes milking society or become something special.

Don’t give them a fucking graduation from Kindergarten. Make them EARN their ONE graduation. Make them realize they need to work to be special.

America: deluding kids from their first words.

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