The Emerald Specter 4: Deep Thoughts

Welcome back to the Emerald Specter column.

I’m going to address a few things today and they’re going to be all over the map. Bear with me. 

First and foremost, I’ve said this recently and I’ve decided to say it again here on my site: you will rise to the station in life as high as you wear your pants.  What that means is for those of you who are idiots that need your ass hanging out of your pants to, and I use this in quotes to present it as sarcasm, “look cool,” you will remain bottom feeders of society. Can’t understand why “fry cook at McDonald’s-like fast food chain” is the only job you can get? Pull up your pants. 
Next I feel compelled to comment on Wonder Woman’s new “costume” (i.e. her armor) in the comics. As I predict will happen anytime a costume is redesigned, the “Whiner Brigade” comes out in force. “Wonder Woman’s costume is iconic.” No, it’s a fucking swimsuit. Just because you meat headed men want to ogle half naked superheroes doesn’t mean you can claim something is iconic. If comics are to grow beyond a male dominated readership we need to start moving towards practicality in outfits. Don’t hinder progress because you don’t like change. Change is the only constant in this world and if you can’t adapt, you go extinct. This endeth the sermon. 

I’ve started a little writing experiment and since I’m 30 days into this experiment, I’ve decided to go ahead and explain what I’m doing, why I’m doing it, and how I plan to develop this into something worth my time. On May 14, 2015 I started writing what I’m calling a “synopsis” (or blurb) each day about an ongoing idea I’ve always wanted to expand into something. Basically, I’m detailing a series one episode at a time. I write a synopsis everyday and everyday I make sure to give at least a few sentences about what happens “in the episode.” I’m 36 days into my series and I’ve already come up with a few gems worth writing about. The basic premise of this experiment was to weed out the clunkers of ideas. I do have some of those, too. 

The series I’m expanding upon isn’t important at the moment but the fact that I’m about to start a second series in this same manner means I’ll be ready to start writing something that doesn’t suck sooner rather than later. What is ultimately like to do is release this stuff for my website in installments for some content worth reading. I don’t know that I’ll be releasing my first “series experiment” for public consumption but I’m happy that I’ve developed something I’ve had churning around in my head for at least a decade. 

Here’s the basic plan for release: I’m going to write twelve installments of a story (or season, with a beginning, a middle, and an end… as if this were a TV series season) and release them weekly. I’ll either have a second story (for a new story) ready to start releasing after a one week break or a second story from the original series to be released in the same manner. Once I’m a year out from the text I’d like to produce audio versions of the stories and release them weekly as a podcast. If the “season” is up to my lofty standards, I’ll produce a novel and release the whole story in a combined (and paper) format. 

How does that sound?

There has also been a desire to have a nearly daily podcast, too. I’d need to have all kinds of topics in the chute for consumption but maybe that is a future option… I’ve podcasted in the past and if editing is involved I know how much time that will take to get things ready. Doing weekly would be a good start but I’d eventually like to ramp that up. Ideally, I’d like to be “on the radio,” which is really where this concept came up. If I can podcast five days a week, I’d have enough going on to where I’d be happy. 

Speaking of radio work, there was a broadcast company in North Dakota that had a slot open for broadcasting. I offered, I applied, and they never got back to me but I’d have been able to do an hour of that on top of working a full time job. Maybe I should start looking where I live now, too?

I’ve droned on long enough. Have yourself a wonderful day!

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