The Emerald Specter 6 – What’s Next?


I’ve been trying to get things in order and I’m trying to keep things level. I want to advance myself, my goals, and make my website awesome in the process but I am working so much and trying to do so many other things that I don’t know how well I can keep everything going in the right direction.

What the vague hell am I talking about?

Work is occupying 40 solid hours of my time per week. There is a little bit of extra time on top of that, too, and that doesn’t even include the 5 hours of commute time every week to and from work. So, of the available 168 hours every week… leaving me 123 hours to NOT do work related things. If we also subtract the 8 hours of sleep per night, that is now 67 hours left to myself. I like playing Ingress with my wife and that takes up anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours per day. Let’s go with the higher option, for this example, which leaves me with 53 hours to myself. How many meals take up time? That’s about 7 hours less for the suppers and you see where I’m going with this.

What I’d like is to have more time. That isn’t going to happen, though, and I’m still trying to work my way up in the postal service… so I still have to play the game.

Ideally, I could get my requested days off when I want to instead of having 4 of 6 of them turned down for almost no good reason at all. I’m done playing THAT game, but I want to make sure that everyone knows that I am interested in keeping myself in the running for bigger and better things.

I don’t have much else to say at the moment, but know I am working at not working so hard. I have been “taking one for the team” so many times that I think it’s time the team takes one for me.

Be back for more…

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