The Emerald Specter 7: Welcome to the Site


You’re probably looking around and seeing a whole lot of new stuff. New graphics, new design, new animated website… all kinds of stuff. You’re also probably wondering whether you’ve liked the new stuff or hated it. Well, I’m here to tell you to give the site a shot… I am.

On the main page, when you click on one of the four “apps,” you’ll get taken to one of four pages. Those four pages each have their own unique background and I’ve learned that the site design has a couple of quirks in it that may not allow you to see those backgrounds if you go directly to the blog first… I’m working on that. From there, though, you’ll be able to click on a number of things, read a number of things, and see that I’m about to start posting a number of things on this site.

I’m also preparing to draw myself a unique “Emerald Specter” instead of using the Space Ghost with my colors on him. There’s going to be more stuff going on here and I’m looking to make the site as interesting to look at as it is to use and read. I’m also pushing forward with the Specter Show as soon as I carve out 15 to 30 minutes to record the first show. After I record it… I’ll need to edit it.

Let’s not get into the tedious bit of explaining how things work, though… let’s enjoy the site for what the site is: something different and special to look at… and maybe, just maybe, the site will grow on you.

Time will tell, of course.

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