The Emerald Specter’s Day Off

I’ve talked about weeding the garden, I’ve talked about what I’ve got planned for the future, and now I haven’t really posted a bunch in the last week… and I can tell you that you might be waiting a little longer for a post after this one, too. But, at least I can do a little bit of talking about things because sometimes life intrudes on plans.

For me, the last 18 months have been really, really hard. Deaths and losing family members (which includes pets) has really taken a toll on me. The problems have mounted and I need to step away from things for a couple of weeks. I don’t want to dwell on what has happened or work through what I’m feeling at the moment. What I want to write about is what I’ll be working on and how often to expect things for the near future.

What? Again? This mo-fo doesn’t nothing BUT talk about what he’s going to do. Not true.

Mondays will see Storytelling Specter being released on a regular basis. Though I told you I’d be releasing one per day during NaNoWriMo, that isn’t going to happen. I want to participate in NaNoWriMo and if I’m posting daily I can’t participate correctly. Storytelling Specter is going to continue to be about writing in different forms, where to get ideas from, and what I’m writing about. If you want to see the columns get longer, start promoting the column when I release it because that ramps up the clicks and that’s how to see more of Storytelling Specter. Right now I write 500-ish words, if the hits rise by 50% I’ll do 1000-ish words per column.

Tuesdays will be left blank for the time being, mainly because Life Imitates Wrestling, Ingress Intel, Footie Specter, and Specter Fantasy Football aren’t in the mix anymore, this day will be left open for the time being.

Wednesdays used to be home to a couple of columns but now this is where we’re going to start releasing Game Specter. I’ve powered through a good chunk of Fate and I’m interested in finishing the learning process with this to actually get playing. Game Specter will also be spawning another little spinoff, an actual play podcast. My co-host Bob (from the Greatest Show and hopefully Kain’s Korner) and I are rounding up a group to start running something. Interested in learning more about the details, why not try watching the Greatest Show 43? We discuss things openly and with any luck, something more will come out of the details we discussed. Game Specter will talk about what you can do in role playing games and ideas for running them, too. Let’s get things moving!

Thursdays are also going to be open for the time being. If I can keep a couple of days open now and then, I can throw in some test columns now and then. Like what? Well, I’m glad I asked myself. When the World Chess Championship happens in November, you’ll be seeing Chess Specter leap onto the website. Chess Specter may also have a spinoff but I shouldn’t go letting all the secrets out right now, should I?

Fridays will continue to see the release of the single most popular column on Emerald Specter: Fitness Specter. This column continues to be a solid hit getter… this column continues to be a popular one, regardless of the exact topic. This column will also be changing a bit, too. Fitness Specter will continue to roll out about things to help you get motivated and in shape. What I’m going to start including, though, are personal updates about my own journey. Now that I’m back from vacation, writing this in my basement, I feel horrible about the fact that I haven’t done any fitness related things on my vacation. That has set me back quite a bit and I feel that if I am posting updates, including pictures and personal tips about my own progress, that I can be held accountable at a level that I haven’t been up to this point. Are you interested in this, too? Well, just like the suggestion for seeing more of Storytelling Specter, you have to share and promote for more clicks. I’ll even give the same promise for a 50% increase in hits, 1000-ish words per column! Let’s see this thing move forward and grow!

Saturdays will be left unused, as they have been. I plan on doing things on Saturdays in the future but let’s not get ahead of myself.

Then come Sundays… every Sunday (well, ok, nearly every Sunday) at 1pm Eastern/12pm Central/11am Mountain/10am Pacific time is the Greatest Show, which can normally be found in post on YouTube’s Emerald Specter Channel. I’ve been posting the “events page” link each week we do the show and that will soon be followed by a return to releasing the show in an audio and video format on a podcast feed.

Now comes the “he’s going to talk about what he’s going to do in the future” segment.

Mixlr provides a means for broadcast audio (vis a vis a radio show) and I plan on doing such a show. I’d like to put one on every day of the week but I’m a one man operation and that means I don’t bite off more than I can chew. I plan on doing a single show per week and building from there.

I meet with a writing group every Monday night and that’s where the bulk of my writing gets done. I am writing towards a novel which will also be turned into a serial audio production. I won’t have a full cast or anything, I don’t have the money to do anything like that right now, but I will be narrating and including sound effects (and the like). That means I need to write and write hard. With several plans on the horizon, I want to start putting this out so that I can mainstream this website to release my work.

Finally, I wanted to talk a little bit about what I’m doing for the rest of the year. As of writing this, I’ve put an offer in on a home in Portland, OR and I plan on moving there as soon as possible. I can start applying for transfers at my work on October 18 and I will be applying to literally everything to get me out there as soon as possible. If everything works out, ideally, I’ll be in Portland before 2015 starts. I don’t intend on spending another birthday in North Dakota. There’s a better life for me there, less memories and more changes to forget the pain this place has left me with… there’s a better life going there.

Until then, though, I’ll keep doing what I’ve told you that I’ll keep doing. I am going to take a week or two off before resuming the regular rotation, but I think I’ve released enough so far to keep you entertained while you wait.

Think on it.

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