With Metal Jesus’s new girlfriend joining us, DJ leads the team (including Kevin Couick, Metal Jesus, Melanie, and the lovely Tricia) in a discussion about Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) topics, the “Big 2” in comics (Marvel and DC Comics), the World of Darkness documentary, Storyteller’s Vault, Star Wars (RPG, the Last Jedi) and more!

Hosts: DJ “Emerald Specter” Allen, Tricia Allen, “Metal Jesus” Kevin Lama, Melanie the “Metal Magdalen,” and Kevin Couick

Website: www.EmeraldSpecter.com
Email: emeraldspecter.com@gmail.com
Twitter: @LPOKMNJ @MadeByTricia @EmeraldSpecter
Instagram: @MadeByTricia @EmeraldSpecter

Here’s the show!

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