The Greatest Show 80: Partial Nudity


This is the Game of Thrones… no, wait. This has nothing to do with the Game of Thrones… except we might talk about Game of Thrones sometimes. What we really need to be talking about is partial nudity… yeah, that’s the ticket.

Bob returns! He controls the forces that control the zombies (via Xbox controllers and other techy sounding stuff) and he tells us tales of the days before the future. Tricia is also with us and she controls the animals for the upcoming animal-pocalypse. She’s got birds, cats, and all kinds of other fuzzy things under her purrrrrrview. See what I did there? We have Metal Jesus, who is the second coming of Metal Jesus… no, really, because he was only on for the first time last week. And if he doesn’t show up, well, there’s always the master of ceremonies: DJ. He’s the ghost with the most (he’s the Emerald Specter, kids). If bald, fat people were gold, he’s a mountain of gold.

Join us for the live show! Don’t feel left out if you missed out, come by and check us out on YouTube after the fact. Here’s the freaking link: this is a link.

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