The Greatest Show 88: The Masqueradening


As if the skies opened up and a messianic hand reached out to tweak your nipples, the Greatest Show is here to broaden your horizons on all things… and tweak your nipples, because that’s what we promised.

For your viewing pleasure and entertainment, DJ will be joined by the lovely Tricia, the hippie looking Metal Jesus, Saurabh the Spectacular, and Morgan Imperial is even scheduled to appear! We shall talk about RPGs, maybe what we’ll end up playing on the show, we’ll talk about Doctor Who, because Morgan and I are sorta the super experts on the subject, and we’ll talk about random stuff like always.

Are you ready for a rocking rollercoaster ride of drinking, debauchery, and drinking? Wait, I said drinking twice… that’s okay, we’ll be drinking, too!

There will be an opportunity to get something (almost) free! LIVE!

The Event Page. The YouTube Page. The link to the CHAT!

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