The Greatest Show: News and Updates

First and foremost, here’s last night’s fresh new episode… embedded here for you for your convenience. In fact, I’ll be embedding more of these videos here on the site in case you’re all wanting to stop clicking through links to get to them.

Bob and I have been working hard at figuring out when we could have time to record. Life has gotten in the way and we’re tired of life getting in the way, so in the video above we discuss what we’re going to do about that. The short answer is: our new recording time is going to be Saturday nights at 7:30 Pacific/10:30 Eastern time. Not all the shows will be this long, as we do try to keep things to an hour normally, we just haven’t seen each other in 4 months, so we spent a little more time together for episode 66.

All in all, we’re happy to be rolling again and we may end up working our way back into a more “professionally polished” looking podcast… but we’ll burn that bridge when we get to it.

Enjoy the show and we look forward to seeing you next week!


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