Just like the last Assassin’s Creed movie I reviewed, this one is also from YouTube and is made of game footage.  There will be more reviews for future installments, but this one is for Assassin’s Creed II.

ac2The first installment followed Altair, through the perspective of Desmond in the modern day, but this one follows a whole new assassin: Ezio.  This one is the most famous of the group, as I am coming to discover, as there have been more stories told around this assassin than any other.  This is the origin story for Ezio, though, and that only accents the Desmond mystery we are learning more about.

Ezio’s father was an assassin and when his family is murdered by the Templars, Ezio takes up the garb and is trained by several characters we meet along the way to exact his revenge.  Having also listened to the audio book about this particular installment, I have to say that Ezio’s origin is a long one but well worth the effort.

I have to give this one a five out of five stars because of the two I’ve reviewed so far, this one was better.  I did like Altair’s tale but we find out so much more about what is really going on with Desmond in this particular installment.  As with most video games, I am wondering if these will be getting better as they go.  The graphics definitely improved!

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