The Specter of the UFC 2: Two Fights in One



So I messed up and took a screenshot instead of creating the video for my first official fight in the house… above is the screenshot, though, and should give you enough of a picture of my first round knockout of Lap Hai. I was disappointed that I didn’t have video to show, but I did decide to immediately release to you the next fight because I want the videos out there in the world.

DJ “The Doctor” Allen vs Byron Wilkinson
The Quarter Final Fight in the Ultimate Fighter

Anyone that is watching should notice that I throw punches like they’re going out of style. I want to knock my opponent out and now that I’m in this for my own career instead of a created individual, like my previous career mode experiment, I want to make myself a little more well rounded as a fighter. I haven’t changed yet, though, so the hits just keep coming. My primary goal at this time is to start covering up more because I take way too much damage and the further I go in this endeavor the less likely I’ll be able to continue taking the damage that I have or be able to fight nearly as long because my body will give out on me.

More to come…

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