The Specter of the UFC 3: Big Evgeny Golubev


DJ “The Doctor” Allen vs Evgeny Golubev
The Semi Final Fight in the Ultimate Fighter

The big Evgeny Golubev, who has been a problem in the house, has been getting on everyone’s nerves. so the house asked if I could put him in his place. Well, I decided that would be a spectacular idea, especially considering that he’s my next step in advancing to the Ultimate Fighter Finale. I didn’t do much more defensive work against the big Evgeny, but hey, who am I kidding? I’m a hitting machine and I wanted to show Golubev that no Russian is going to walk into this house and take anyone out with his $5 words… no, he really paid for his words. His English is terrible. Awful. Enjoy the fight because I did.

More to come…

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