The Specter of the UFC 4: The Ultimate Fighter Finale Fight


Welcome, friends and neighbors, to the Ultimate Fighter Finale… where I finally get my chance to earn that multimillion dollar contract to get into the UFC and show some of the punks of the heavyweight division who the real man is… or fight my way into relevance, depending upon your level of cockiness.

This is the first time I’m the main event… technically… but since this isn’t considered a true “main event’ position, it’s just two guys beating up each other in front of a larger crowd than I’m going to see for quite some time. Who is the victim… I mean opponent? Russell Vargas managed to fight his way into the finale with me… and here’s our fight:

DJ “The Doctor” Allen vs. Russell Vargas
The Ultimate Fighter Finale: Allen vs. Vargas

Enjoy the Doctor’s house call on this one. Starting with this column, the end will contain the full history of results, fights, and etc that I’ll be keeping up with. I was going to put them on that separate UFC page but I’ll worry about that when the career is over. So, without further ado, here’s the first of many “results.” (I hope):

Event / Date / Fighters / Result

Ultimate Fighter Finale: Allen vs Vargas / 29 Jun 14 / DJ Allen vs Russell Vargas / RD2 KO

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