The Specter of the UFC 5: Allen vs Orlov


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages… the time has come for the 1-0 DJ “The Doctor” Allen to venture out into the UFC and start taking on some real opponents. My first test? Orlov… some schmuck whom Dana White has decided will be a contest for the surgical precision of the Doctor.

DJ “The Doctor” Allen vs. Igor Orlov
UFC Heavyweight Fight

There isn’t much to say about this one, really. Igor Orlov is just your average Russian fighter who, like me, is missing his hair. There isn’t anything special about him, except the fact that his name is Igor… that is, of course, fairly special. He was abandoned at birth by his human parents and raised by sheep in the wild. He has only recently learned to use a modern bathroom and doesn’t really speak anything but sheep as a language. Hopefully I don’t knock him into the next century and stunt his progress. Well, maybe that is unavoidable.

Event / Date / Fighters / Result

Ultimate Fighter Finale: Allen vs Vargas / 29 Jun 14 / DJ Allen vs Russell Vargas / RD2 KO (Replay)
UFC 176: Velasquez vs Miocic / 7 July 14 / Igor Orlov vs DJ Allen / RD2 KO (Replay)

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