The Specter of the UFC 6: Three Fight Extravaganza!


In a special “I’ve been busy, here’s your catch up” post… I’m giving you THREE fights in one! Enjoy the rocking and the rolling.

DJ “The Doctor” Allen vs Shigekazu Ito
UFC Heavyweight Fight

Ito was placed into my path by the UFC to be embarrassed. Yes, Dana White decided “this is a chance for me to really give Ito the business for stealing my Oreos last week.” I’ll help you out, Dana White, by pummeling the bejesus out of Ito and making him forget that his birthday exists. This is the fight that really makes you stand up and say “hey, DJ Allen is a fighter and he’s here to fight.” Or maybe not. Either way, the fight was decent.

DJ “The Doctor” Allen vs Jacob Jarvis
UFC Heavyweight Fight

Can I get a witness? A witness to the wave of destruction that is DJ “The Doctor” Allen? Several second round knockouts, now the wave of first round knockouts… who can stop this beast? Who could possibly waver the unshakeable UFC juggernaught that is DJ Allen?

DJ “The Doctor” Allen vs Julian Carvalho
UFC Heavyweight Fight

One more time for the new and exciting DJ Allen. This time, we get fed someone lower on the power rankings and honestly, they should have known better. Who could possibly stand toe to toe with me? Someone higher in the rankings could… like UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez. Let’s not look past this opponent, though, we want to give him the beatdown he deserves.

Event / Date / Fighters / Result

UFC 185: Easton vs Mizugaki / 4 Apr 15 / vs DJ Allen vs Julian Carvalho / RD1 KO (Replay)
UFC 182: Dillashaw vs Easton / 10 Jan 15 / Jacob Jarvis vs DJ Allen / RD1 KO (Replay)
UFC 179: Jones vs Gustafson / 18 Oct 14 / Shigekazu Ito vs DJ Allen / RD2 KO (Replay)
UFC 176: Velasquez vs Miocic / 7 July 14 / Igor Orlov vs DJ Allen / RD2 KO (Replay)
Ultimate Fighter Finale: Allen vs Vargas / 29 Jun 14 / DJ Allen vs Russell Vargas / RD2 KO (Replay)

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