The Specter of the UFC 7: Two More Fights!


DJ Allen vs Aubrey Santiago
UFC Heavyweight Fight

Punch him in the face, punch him in the gut, punch him in the face if he gets back up. That’s my invented little UFC nursery rhyme. I like it, don’t you?

DJ Allen vs Rodney Pitts
UFC Heavyweight Fight

Yet another victim… I mean patient.

Also, I haven’t mentioned this, but I’ve been putting these videos in a playlist on YouTube for you… if you search out my channel (any of these links is on my channel) you can watch all the fights on YouTube in order. Nice, huh? Will my streak continue? Only time will tell…

Event / Date / Fighters / Result

UFC 191: Edgar vs Siver / 10 Oct 15 / vs DJ Allen vs Rodney Pitts / RD1 KO (Replay)
UFC 188: Easton vs MacDonald / 27 Jun 15 / vs DJ Allen vs Aubrey Santiago / RD1 KO (Replay)
UFC 185: Easton vs Mizugaki / 4 Apr 15 / vs DJ Allen vs Julian Carvalho / RD1 KO (Replay)
UFC 182: Dillashaw vs Easton / 10 Jan 15 / Jacob Jarvis vs DJ Allen / RD1 KO (Replay)
UFC 179: Jones vs Gustafson / 18 Oct 14 / Shigekazu Ito vs DJ Allen / RD2 KO (Replay)
UFC 176: Velasquez vs Miocic / 7 July 14 / Igor Orlov vs DJ Allen / RD2 KO (Replay)
Ultimate Fighter Finale: Allen vs Vargas / 29 Jun 14 / DJ Allen vs Russell Vargas / RD2 KO (Replay)

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