The Specter of the UFC: My Personal Journey


I’ve decided to start a career mode in the EA Sports UFC game as myself. While I am approximating quite a few things, I’m hoping that actually fighting in my own weight class with a fighter that can almost completely represent me will be a fun and exciting experience. I’ve gone ahead and started this journey already by creating my fighter and fighting my way into the Ultimate Fighter house. I’ll be posting all of the results, videos, screenshots, etc that I will be taking from this experience. I hope you enjoy the ride.

Joe Adams vs. DJ “The Doctor” Allen
The training round before the Ultimate Fighter.

I’m a boxer, heavyweight, with a little extra height for good measure. I’m slimmer in the videos because I obviously wouldn’t enter the Octagon in the shape I’m currently in. The training round was a little tester to see how the video sharing would ultimately work out. I have no plans for audio commentary at this time but we shall see about the future.

DJ “The Doctor” Allen vs. Kaleb Cain
The elimination fight to get into the Ultimate Fighter house.

I am quite pleased to enter the house in a big way. The fight with Kaleb Cain was a good mixer, someone of my similar style, and I’m hoping that this is a preamble to actually getting through the Ultimate Fighter and getting that coveted UFC contract.

More to come…

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