UFC Signs CM Punk?! And Some Women Talk!


I don’t have a name for this little feature, but I don’t think I really need one at the moment. What I want to do is talk a little UFC. Do you mind?

CM Punk, real name Phil Brooks, is a former WWE World Champion and was summarily let go from the company in what is really a confusing situation involving a lot of egos. I’ve been angry at the WWE in the past for doing poor moves like this one but I’m past the point of watching on a regular basis, so I guess you could say that I don’t care enough about their current product to do anything about it… that isn’t the topic, though, apparently CM Punk has signed to start fighting in the UFC in 2015!

Brock Lesnar, another WWE veteran who leapt over to the UFC and eventually became the UFC Heavyweight Champion, was able to utilize his mic skills along with his size and aggression to become successful in the UFC. CM Punk, who isn’t nearly as heavy as Lesnar, can also be successful but I have to be shown that he can be as dominant.

CM Punk is planning on fighting in the Middleweight division, which is a division heavy with great fighters. I don’t personally believe he’ll be good enough to be the UFC Middleweight Champion, but I think he’ll be good enough to be ranked in the division. I definitely don’t see him making a huge impact in that division if GSP returns.

I found the news interesting enough to talk about, at least.

On the “lady fights” front, the UFC Ultimate Fighter season with the Women’s Strawweight Division is coming to a close and my chosen fighter, Tecia “the Tiny Tornado” Torres, is not the one fighting for the championship but I’ll still be following the division. I like the UFC but I like the UFC lady fights more. If UFC can bridge the gap between the Bantamweights and Strawweights, then we can see three divisions of awesome ladies that can rise and drop in weight to make some really awesome matches.

I’ll be watching that UFC event, by the way. With rapt attention… because it’ll be filled with lady fights!

Fight on!

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