This is the UFC Specter… because I name everything “Specter” and I like the UFC. Sounds good, right?

The build up for the Jones-Cormier fight has been an epic one and as I write this, we are less than 12 hours from the event… and the main event did not disappoint. I have reached a new appreciation for Jon Jones for taking Cormier 5 rounds because he’s never done that more than once and in rounds 4 and 5, he looked tired. Yeah, the guy who was unblemished, never lost a round, and has dominated all of his opponents basically had his ass handed to him.

Now, that isn’t entirely true, but for the last two rounds I would say Cormier was dangling on a thread. Jones didn’t completely dominate those rounds, there were some good shots gotten in by Cormier, but he really didn’t do what was necessary to put Jones away. Once again, Jones’s height and reach advantage was used to the utmost potential.

All in all, the event as a whole wasn’t that great. Only 3 fights (from early prelims to the main event) really had any interest for me because there wasn’t a whole lot going on. The lady fight to start was terrible (boo!) but there were at least a smattering of decent fights to keep me waiting. I was very impressed, as you read, by the main event.

I won’t take anything away from Cormier, he’s a spectacular fighter and I look forward to seeing more  fights involving him, he just wasn’t good enough to beat the Undisputed Light Heavyweight Champion on January 3.

Fight on.

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