UFC Specter 2 – Rousey-Zingano Preview


Who is better than Ronda Rousey? No, really, I’m asking you for real… because she is really killing the competition and I don’t really think I see anyone on the horizon to take that belt off of her anytime soon.

Like Jon Jones, whom I have gained a much deeper appreciation of, Ronda Rousey has yet to be seriously challenged for her UFC Women’s Bantamweight Championship. Cat Zingano, who beat Miesha Tate to earn a spot waaaaay back before the Ultimate Fighter 16, but lost her spot when she got into some sort of accident. Now that she’s back, and earned another shot, I think that Cat might give Rousey a little bit of a run for her money… or will she?

Of everyone I’ve seen Ronda face since I started following the UFC, only Sarah McMann was in the realm of “I think she might put up a serious fight” before the fight began. Well, Rousey ended that chance really early and we didn’t get the fight I thought we were going to get but she was the last one who I thought might have a chance. Cat? Well, she’s the latest.

Having seen the Tate-Zingano match waaaaay back, I was impressed that Cat really knocked Miesha around… I even was looking forward to seeing that fight when it should have originally happened. Now, though, we actually get to see these two clash.

I’m predicting a Rousey win, I don’t think Zingano has what it takes to beat the champ, but I’m hoping for a really good fight.

Fight on.

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