UFC Specter 3 – Better Than Boxing


I have traditionally been a big boxing fan. When the UFC first started way back in 1993, the novelty of the whole thing wore off rather quickly, especially when you looked at the fact that the guys who rolled around on the mat more than anything else were doing most of the winning. How is rolling around on the mat exciting? It isn’t, so I was into boxing, where you had to stand up and punch your opponent into unconsciousness.

Boxing has a fatal flaw, though. The “big fights” happen so few and far between that you almost get lulled into unconsciousness yourself waiting for one of the big fights to happen. Who wants to watch something that happens between “Joe Nobody and Mike Nevergonnabe?” Yeah, there are thousands of guys vying for supremacy in boxing and because of that you hardly ever get to see anything interesting.

The UFC was different. Right around the end of 2013 I got into the UFC to take my mind off of things that were going on in real life. There were more big name fights happening more often and rather than thousands of fighters fighting to be the best, you only had the best of the best going for the UFC gold. The UFC, being a private company, only keeps the best of the best on the roster, so when you have two fighters fighting, they are more than likely worlds better than anyone else. So, you don’t have to watch anything but the UFC, though some other companies claim to have some of the best… I disagree, but we can do that.

The UFC is starting to water down a bit, though. Nothing like boxing but as long as the UFC retains their single championship structure with top ten contenders fighting for a shot, I think they’ll be alright. Boxing has 4 or 5 organizations, each with at least 1 champion per division, and that means that are thousands of nobodies fighting for championships that will never be remembered by the end of the event, much less in long term history.

When you look at UFC history, the early years mar the organization as a whole, in my opinion. The spectacle that was the original Ultimate Fighting Championship event all the way through, let’s say, UFC 30 were more or less a side show that happened to be marketed as something of a spectacle than an actual sport. When Dana White took over is when the UFC really started looking interesting.

If I understand how the fights work, too, it’s Dana White “strongly suggesting” that two people fight. If that means he walks over to Jon Jones and says “it would be in your best interest to fight Daniel Cormier” as his next fight, I’d say that is the way to go… short of just stating “your next fight is against Junior Dos Santos, live with it.” What could be more interesting than just making the fights and letting people beat each other up? I’ll take what I can get.

So, isn’t UFC better than boxing? I think so.

It’s time.

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