UFC Specter 4 – Some People Are Stupid


There is some build up to the title of this column but I’ll go as quickly as I can.

UFC 184 was to be headlined by Middleweight Champion Chris Weidman and Vitor Belfort… until Weidman cracked a rib or something and now can’t fight. The co-main event, Rousey-Zingano, was moved to the main event, with another Women’s Bantamweight fight moved into the co-main event slot. Basically, two women fights are headlining over all the men.

On the comments of the thread, one guy had posted “hope I can get my money back for this one.” Several others posted similar sentiments on the same thread and I posted the truth about the situation… which is why people are stupid.

Why would you want your money back when the best fight of the night has been moved to the main event?

That comment has gotten me almost 50 likes so far.

There is a subset of humanity out there that is too stupid to see talent when the talent is presented to them. They are biased beyond biased and have other tendencies, too, like they don’t like black people, they hate gay people, and they think that women can’t do anything but cook, clean, and put out. Well, those people are the stupid ones.

Weidman-Belfort was destined to be a decent fight, yes. Would that fight have been the best one on UFC 184’s card? Not by a long shot. Ronda Rousey has not only proven that she’s the baddest woman mixed martial artist on the planet but she’s proven that she can draw… and UFC 184 is going to prove that she can draw as THE main event instead of the secondary main event. Rousey-Zingano, however the match comes out, will be the best fight of the night.

I’m professed to be a lady fight lover. I admit that I have some bias. What I don’t have is a blinding tunnel vision for the other fighters out there. Weidman is a champion. Aldo is a champion. Johnson is a champion. Pettis is a champion. Velasquez is a champion. Jones is a champion. None of these are women and I will watch all of them fight because I know I’m in for a good fight. I also like Benson, Cerrone, Dos Santos, and the Spider are all also awesome. There are countless others that I’ll watch, regardless of who they’re fighting, because I know I am about to be treated to a good sight.

But the ladies rule the day for me.

Why? Well, this stems all the way back to female kickboxing that I used to occasionally watch. Those women, regardless of weight class, were out to kill each other. MMA fighters aren’t quite so vicious after the fight but during the fight, they’re trying to kill each other. That is a damn good time.

Rousey-Tate was better than I thought it was going to be… that was really the first live fight I got to see. That was the fight that solidified the idea that the ladies are tops. As a Tecia Torres fan, I’m also looking forward to seeing more of her.

All in all, though, if you have a bias because of skin color, sexual orientation, or gender, then you’re stupid. Yes, actually stupid. Because you can’t see talent when talent shows you it exists.

Fight on.

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