Weeding the Emerald Specter Garden

I have been writing columns for this site for quite a while now. They include Life Imitates Wrestling, Ingress Intel, Game Specter, Fitness Specter, Storytelling Specter, and more. I’m about to start going through these columns, though, and weeding out the ones that aren’t getting the hits. If you like something, you might want to start doing some clicking.

Far and away my most popular column is Fitness Specter. I get a consistent clicks on that every single time and I won’t be doing anything about that one but continuing that one into the future. I can actually see me doing ONLY Fitness Specter if the clicks increase to a certain level.

Now that I’ve “marketed” to the right crowd, Game Specter comes in a close second with my popular writing. I planned on doing all kinds of general gaming topics with this but I believe I’ll be doing more along the lines of GM specific evaluations of situations, scenarios, and maybe even some ideas. Column 2 was a big hit with me announcing that I’ll be teaching myself Fate (I have been capitalizing this and I’m not entirely sure why, so I’m going to stop that). Updates have been requested on this, so I’ll be keeping Game Specter around for a while, too.

What is a complete flop? Footie Specter, Specter Fantasy Football, and Ingress Intel are all pretty much getting removed. I figured that the soccer crowd would come here to check out some thoughts… I was wrong. Fantasy football updates? No one cares. Ingress, used as a linkable SEO material, has been nothing but an occasional click in interest (I’m guessing).

I have one that I’m not entirely sure about, too. Life Imitates Wrestling is one of those that started out with big interest and has waned, which actually tells me a little something about the readers. I announced that the column was initially going to be about my “life and times” at work and that is when things were getting hits like mad. As things have gone along, I’ve talked a lot less about what is going on at work, and what that says to me is that the high clicks were from coworkers expecting dirt. Not the dirt they were looking for, or less the type of identifiable dirt they were hoping for, and the interest is gone. Do I keep this one going or ditch the column? I’m going to know for sure by the time THIS little ditty comes out.

What about Specter Who? That one is my little Doctor Who review column and I’ll keep that one around. They aren’t numbered and I’m just going to keep that around to talk about the newest episodes. Hey, it’s my site.

Speaking of my site, there we come to Storytelling Specter. The column gets hits now and then, other times doesn’t get any. What I talk about is really just some general writing topics but is that enough to keep writing the column? Should I be doing something more with Storytelling Specter? Is there something I should be talking more about with that column? Well, funny thing about that… just like with the recent Fitness Specter sprint up to the 50th Mr. Olympia (a fitness Super Bowl, of sorts), I am about to be doing a Storytelling Specter sprint up to NaNoWriMo.

If you participate in NaNoWriMo, then I’m hoping to be your inspiration. The idea will be to release a Storytelling Specter EVERY DAY IN NOVEMBER. Not a lot of in depth analysis, just an inspirational bit or perhaps a spot of encouragement. Will those count as numbered columns? Maybe. We will see… but Storytelling Specter will be around at least through November.

That brings me to the place where I am about to start up some new columns. One that I’ve been waiting for, one that will debut later this year, is Chess Specter. I have a naming theme, why not keep that rolling? Chess Specter will be about chess, duh, and will probably be more about how to get better at chess than anything else. I do follow professional chess and I am actively working on a way to make chess marketable to a viewing audience (a la poker on TV) but I don’t know how much of that will be contained within the column. Since professional chess happens less often than, say, soccer, I think I can keep up with a regular column, ahead of schedule (since most of what I’ve been posting has been written at least 7 days prior, if not earlier), and keep things highly interesting. I love the game and I want to write about the game.

I love soccer and football, too, but I need to be less “ahead” and more analytical to make anyone else get interested in that. I would like to be but I tend to get distracted by shiny and new things often enough to… ooo, look at that… see?

There were other things that I wanted to do on this site, too.I am going to focus, though, on doing the things that are going to be the “bread and butter” of this website. There is writing that goes on every Monday to write a novel (which can be produced into an audio series for release on this website). There is an active video podcast that happens nearly every Sunday LIVE on Google Plus Hangouts (the Greatest Show), which is the only real hold over from the LimeFlavored.com transition. I am working on audio technical stuff to do a regular audio show LIVE on Mixlr.com (THE show for this site, which I have named but I don’t want to say anything about yet). I am getting ready to relaunch WAFFLE for the new year, but there is stuff that needs to be worked out before I make that announcement. There is a lot of things going on that I really want to do but I am someone who can’t do all of them by myself and maintain a full, working life.

That is where I start asking you to go to patreon and support the site. Bob and I need the money to be able to dedicate more time to podcast. We are also assembling a group to do actual play podcasting, allowing us to bring you stories and systems from a variety of GMs and perspectives. If you want entertainment, and I want to provide that entertainment, then I ask for some help through patreon. I donate to others, not a lot, and I’d hope that what I provide to all of you would be worth your donations.

Now that I’ve laid out a little bit of what I think is going to go on here, I’ll stop the yapping and get back to work.

Thanks for reading!

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