What is Going On?

I have decided it is a need that I pop in and let everyone know that I am not dead and that I am indeed doing things in the background.

First, life is slowly returning back to normal. My real life job is starting to slide back into a predictable pattern through both volume and a little bit of instigation on my part, which means that I can start making plans to do specific things at specific times again. Having a schedule that matters again means I can start going back to get done what needs to be done in order to make sure this site has something happening on it.

Audio editing for Emerald Nights: A Vampire the Masquerade Chronicle will resume tomorrow. I used to edit a little bit of audio (10 to 15 minutes of finished audio) per night right before bed… but my habits have changed over the course of the last couple of months, and thus my editing will have to change as well. This means that I will more than likely be doing an entire episode (or two) in one sitting, allowing me to build up a backlog for scheduling releases again. I will be posting the first episode of season two AS SOON AS I CAN GET IT COMPLETED AND UPLOADED. After that, I’ll schedule future episodes for a regular schedule to get everyone back in the habit of receiving Vampire on a weekly basis again. I will continue to edit straight through our new space RPG as well, since we’re several sessions into that already, too.

Work on the BuJoRPG2 will resume as I’ve had to take a short break from updating it. If you follow the Discord, you will be able to join the chatter, help with the development, and get regular updates with the progress towards an actual 1.0 release!

The website changes you’ve noticed are a temporary fix as the design I had been using took a dump on me. This is a fix until I can get something less broken working for what I have in mind. I apologize for the abrupt change but I needed to use something I knew would work in a pinch and this was that thing. Ideally, the site will look and feel easier to use once I’m done.

That is your update for now and I hope I can knock out an entire episode (more likely two) of Vampire tomorrow to get uploaded! It’s been a hot minute since I released an episode and I fell really terrible about that.

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