What the heck happened?

So, if you have gone to YouTube (either Channel 1 or Channel 2), or have tried to come to this website over the course of the last day, then you know it wasn’t here.

There was a catastrophic issue with the server that this site is hosted on and I had no definitive way to get a message out to anyone who was wondering what happened. So, that means I want to pass along where to read up on what is going on with this site in the future (in the event it is missing).

Twitter is a good place for a “quick hit” info dump, but I didn’t post there today. YouTube is a great place to check, because I think addressing you in the only place that I can get a video message out is a great place to start. Facebook has an Emerald Specter.com page, which should be a great place to check on what is going on as well… know that we won’t rest until the site stuff is working once more.

I apologize for the issues and I’ll be updating things to make sure everything drops that was scheduled correctly… until next time, thank you for coming back.

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