Where’s the Stuff?

If you are wondering if I died or went away, don’t worry. I’ve recently moved and I’m far from being done… having said that, here’s a “mini-update.”

BuJoRPG Dev is halted at this moment until I get some free time. I’m in the middle of the play test of the conflict resolution system and then I can start working on the next layer to this onion. In order to avoid legal issues or pay exorbitant licensing fees, I’ll be coming up with “thinly disguised” versions of some of the story elements for the “true alpha testing” of BuJourneyRPG.

I was going to save this as a surprise but I think the lay-off we are experiencing here warrants revealing some intent: before I started moving, I was working on a site redesign. I’ve used the current design of this site for about three and a half years now and I wanted a new look. I’m also changing the “branding” by updating the logo… no reveal on that, but that’s already done. The other tidbit is that with the new site will come a little game-ification of the site. You’ll get badges and awards for doing stuff and if things go right, this site itself will contain a little hidden story… time will tell.

For now, let’s hope the bulk of the move is done before the end of March.

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