Okay, so you might be wondering why things are changing so much over the last few days. Well, that requires a bit of an explanation and hopefully the changes are all done.

When I initially chose my template for the site, I was having a bit of a problem with some of the options. I changed to the template and then realized that there weren’t things I could change, leaving most of my hard work unseen by you, the readers. So, I changed to a similar, though completely different, template.

With the second template, I was having issues getting ANYTHING to work correctly, so I switched back to the original design while I putzed around with another template. I got to a point I was happy with and released the site again under the new template and once again discovered a glitch, causing me to look at the current template.

Currently, I have gotten the template to work where I’m happy to use it without any issues. I would enjoy using the slider option, to give the site a little bit of activity without needing to be physically posting anything, but I’m scared because all my other issues started with the slider, so I’m going to just leave things where they’re at.

So, enjoy the look and as long as I’m satisfied things are working correctly, this is how things will look.

Sorry for the confusion.

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