World Football

I’ve been rebuilding my website during this World Cup and I’ve thus been silent.  Now that I have things up and running, though, I’d like to toss some thoughts out about where we’re at so far.

As I write this, some of the Round of 16 has been completed.  The matches that are left are France v. Nigeria, Germany v. Algeria, Argentina v. Switzerland, and Belgium v. USA.

France, in my opinion, is stronger than Nigeria.  I think they’ll advance because of last year’s embarrassing elimination and the fact that they are actually really strong.  I don’t personally know much about the Nigerian team but I have confidence that France will advance and face the winner of Germany v. Algeria.  Speaking of that match, Germany will win.  I think Germany has a good chance to run the tournament, so they’ll be going far.

Argentina v. Switzerland?  Well, this is going to be a tight one but I think that Argentina has the slight edge, even though I wouldn’t put it past Switzerland to pull out the win.  My vote, though, is for Argentina.

That leaves Belgium v. USA and I’m going to be a homer here and go for USA.  We’ve got a fairly decent team and I think that we can advance, at least to the Round of 8.

That leaves me with the evaluation of the Round of 8… which I’ll evaluate after the Round of 16 is done.  Then I can do a proper play by play.

Thanks for reading.

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