Would You Support A Podcast (Live Show)?

Would you commit to Patreon for a live show?  Would you be interested in hearing topical things that also appear in a printed form in a live place where you could chat with the host?  Is there a chance you might help pay for a Mixlr Pro account so that the show in question would be longer than 1 hour?

If you are interested, let me know.  I’d love to broadcast, as often as possible, and if you would like that to last longer than an hour, I’d be looking at doing a Patreon account to keep that rolling in a longer format.  I would also be able to get back into the podcast field a lot sooner than I currently plan on, which is looking to be later in the year, yet.

Let me know at emeraldspecter.com@gmail.com and tell me what you think of these ideas!

Enjoy the columns I’m pushing out, folks!

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