Alright, alright… I feel this warrants an explanation. What’s the question? That would be “why do we continuously get no Greatest Show without any warning?”

Bob and I have had some things going on for the past few weeks and our terrible coordination has prevented us from connecting weekly. So, we’ve formulated a plan.

For Bob, he gets to podcast in the afternoon (1:00 PM) and that often means that his family and he cannot do anything because he has to be tethered to his house. During the summer, as many of you would like to do, he’d like to go out and do things while his fleeting summer is here. Our recording time is a terrible time for Bob.

For myself, I have to podcast in the morning (10:00 AM) and that often means I have to get up early on a weekend to have a show… and how often do I get to sleep in? Not very… so the recording time is awful for me, too.

Yesterday, Bob and I had discussed getting together at 9:00 PM/6:00 PM ET/PT for our show and we both failed to check in with the other anytime close to that. Having said that, though, we will be trying to have the next Greatest Show at those exact times NEXT Sunday. Bob has nothing going on at that hour and I’m going to be in preparation for bed time (most likely) so I’ll be home…

I apologize for the lack of warning, but we are working on fixing the issue. The show is NOT cancelled permanently. We WILL podcast again. We’re terrible at coordinating with each other, though… we shall return.

Thank you.

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